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Liquor License Matters

 Over 33 Years Experience

Mr. Lovejoy's liquor license experience began in 1986, representing Rite Aid Corporation for all of its liquor license matters in the State of Michigan, as well as representing many of the areas most popular restaurants, nightclubs and bars. He worked exclusively with the owner of a law firm between 1986 and 1997 on behalf of many clients licensed by the State of Michigan, and became extremely knowledgeable of the laws, rules and regulations as well as became close with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission and its procedures and employees.

Since 1998, when he opened Lovejoy Law Offices, he has continued to represent some large companies with multiple store locations, as well as many party stores and nightclubs with superior results. He now also has experience obtaining approval for micro-breweries, wine and liquor manufacturers.

From obtaining licenses in an expedited fashion, to persuading local governmental units, to defending clients against charged violations (selling to minors and intoxicated persons, allowing fights, guns, overcrowding and drugs), Mr. Lovejoy has been unusually and extremely successful in obtaining excellent and the very best results for each and every one of his clients to date.  Such results have occurred at the Commission level as well as on appeals to the courts.

Better And Faster

You will be provided superior representation in obtaining new liquor licenses, transferring liquor licenses or locations, and fighting violations and the denial of claims both at the Commission level and through that of appealing Commission Orders to the courts. Mr. Lovejoy now has over 33 years of experience working with the Liquor Commission and knowing the people there, together with the best methods to proceed in obtaining liquor licenses, transferring locations and licenses and defending claimed violations.

Mr. Lovejoy attributes his success in this area of the law to his many years of experience, and related to keeping updated on new rule changes at the Commission.  In addition, he feels maintaining those long and valuable relationships with the Commission staff has also been very beneficial. He attributes the amount of satisfied clients to his diligent and relentless efforts to obtain for them the results they want and doing so in a very timely fashion.

Getting involved in or maintaining a liquor license business, whether a brewery, bar, nightclub, restaurant, party or grocery store, you need and want one of the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in this area of the law and one who has the results and record to best represent you and the interests of your business.

If you have a liquor license issue or are in need of the required expertise to defend a violation, make the call to Fred Lovejoy. He can and will provide you with the accurate and honest advice you will need and he will do so in a very timely manner.  Protect your license, your business and your future.  Get one of the best attorneys to help you.  Get Fred C. Lovejoy.


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