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Lovejoy Law Offices, P.C. while having its areas of expertise, is considered a "general practice law firm".  This is because of the many different areas of law which Mr. Lovejoy has learned, practiced and has successfully represented clients over the last 33 years.  In particular, personal injury (third party no fault claims against the driver of a vehicle who hit you, a dog bite or a slip and fall), legal malpractice (especially divorce and family law related cases) and estate matters, which includes not only preparing necessary estate documents (Wills, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney and related documents), but also filing suit and defending claims related to a client seeking to enforce or set aside a Will or Trust of a family member.

The results he has obtained for his clients have been superior.  Again, from Mr. Lovejoy keeping abreast of the law, changes in the law and his abilities and skills in litigating cases before the courts and negotiating against other skilled attorneys and insurance claim people for over 33 years, Mr. Lovejoy knows exactly what to do, when to do it and what to say to put his clients in the very best possible position to obtain the very best possible result.  If he feels he cannot do this for a client, you can be assured that he will not hesitate to refer you to one of the many attorneys he has come to know over the years who he feels can and will.

Again, Mr. Lovejoy not only realizes the importance of knowing the law and knowing how to best use it, but also the importance of knowing and maintaining the positive relationships with other attorneys of proven charactor and expertise.  Mr. Lovejoy will not risk the best interests of a client or potential client if he knows another attorney who he feels possesses more specialized knowledge or expertise in that certain area of the law and he will let you know.

Still, Mr. Lovejoy has a proven track record of winning and being successful for his clients in a large variety of matters and obtaining excellent results for which his clients have been forever grateful.  And this is true whether it be a settlement before suit is filed, after it has been filed or through a hearing or trial before the courts.  Mr. Lovejoy's first goal and priority, even after 33 years, is to always to best represent his clients, best protect them and get for them the very best possible result for their legal situation or problem.

Other areas of the law in which Mr. Lovejoy has had great success include that of liquor licensing and violation matters including brewers.  He has been doing liquor license work for small and large businesses for over 33 years.  He has a reputation of getting a license faster and preventing violations from distrubing his clients' businesses without fail.

Likewise, he has been hired to protect and save clients' lease and land contract rights, make sure a Will or Trust was validly executed and carried out as intended, that his clients are paid and treated as their contracts required, and if the law provides a right or remedy against one who violates that law, Mr. Lovejoy will make sure that right is protected , enforced and/or the proper remedy obtained.

There are attorneys with more years of practice than Mr. Lovejoy, but 33 years is a long time.  Further, Mr. Lovejoy has used his 33 years working to be one of the best attorneys for all of his clients.  It has always been and remains the top and only focus for Mr. Lovejoy to best represent his clients and get them the best possible result.

Mr. Lovejoy's current record of success for his clients is not that of just his years of experience, intelligence related to the law, or his hard work and persistence, but a large part of it is still his love and passion of being a lawyer and of helping people and making sure each and every one of them has the representation they need to best obtain the very best possible result for their legal issue.

There are many other areas of the law which Mr. Lovejoy has come to know after 33 years and of which he has obtained excellent results.  Call Mr. Lovejoy or his office and see if your legal issue is one he can help you resolve in a better way and at a better cost.

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