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Post-Judgement Proceedings



In post-judgment divorce proceedings, you may be asking a court to change prior asset, alimony or debt agreements.  In child custody and parenting time cases, you are again are asking the court to change something you previously agreed to or that which the court determined was in the best interests of the child.  In both situations, the laws have established very high standards for one to come back to the court and request a change.  Such post-judgment proceedings have become very technical and very specific fact and law driven.  Mr. Lovejoy always remains totally up to date on the law in this regard, and his experience and abilities before the courts have led to great results for his clients.




In a divorce post judgment proceeding seeking a change of a prior agreement or order of a court, you will often be required to prove some type of fraud or misrepresentation by the other party.  This can be done, but it often requires a creative and aggressive approach, which Mr. Lovejoy is not hesitant to use for the best interests of his client and this is true whether he is working with you to change a term of the court’s order or working with you to prevent the change. 


If you are seeking only to enforce a provision which your former spouse failed to honor from the prior judgment, Mr. Lovejoy also has a lot of experience in this area as well.  In both situations he does not have an instance, where the other spouse has not ended up being ordered to pay the attorney fees of his client.


These types of proceedings are often resolved by an agreed upon settlement for the reason that the other spouse and attorney do not wish the wrath of the judge under such circumstances.  However, if you happen to be on that “other side”, Mr. Lovejoy is not afraid of the wrath nor hesitant to fight, protect and explain to the court, the reasons for what occurred, and in over 32 years, only once has the court ordered one of his clients to pay the other side’s attorney fees.

Again, experience and knowledge of law makes for the best result.


Child Custody/Parenting Time


Child custody and parent time post-judgment proceedings while often absolutely necessary, can be extremely ugly and time consuming absent an agreement between the parties.  Whether it is you seeking a change in custody or parenting time or trying to prevent such a change, Mr. Lovejoy is a perfect attorney to represent you in these types of matters.


The laws over the past years have grown to make it much more difficult for one to obtain a change of custody, and even parenting time to a large degree.  The courts have set very technical and detailed standards, all of which are required to be met before proceedings to the next step of the proceedings.


It is mandatory that the initial, and other court, filings contain all of the law mandated allegations or it can be thrown out of court.  There are issues such as “established custodial environment”, “material change of circumstances” and “good cause”, all that will be used for and against you.  You will absolutely need an attorney such as Mr. Lovejoy, who so knows the law in this regard, the legal requirements and the best ways to present a clients’ case to have a chance, the best chance, to get or prevent a change in custody or parenting time.


Mr. Lovejoy is very experienced in this area of the law, whether you are the one seeking the change in custody or fighting against it.  He is said to be aggressive, but is also extremely creative and always uses the most effective means to obtain the most beneficial result.  Having been on both sides for his different clients over so many years, he appreciates and knows what is necessary for his clients to win.


If you need a change of custody or parenting time, or seek to prevent such a change, do not try to do it without an attorney.  If you cannot hire Mr. Lovejoy, hire a less expensive attorney, but do not try to do it yourself:  you and your child’s best interests for the future depend on it.


With very few exceptions, Mr. Lovejoy has an excellent record for his clients in all such post-judgment proceedings.  Call and talk with him before choosing another attorney.