Parenting Time


Get The Most

Obtaining the most parenting time is not only best for you and your child’s relationship, it can also have financial implications related to child support.  Parenting time, formerly known in the past as “visitation”, is the time the non-custodial parent is afforded with the child. While it is often best if the parties can come to an agreement on this issue, just as it is for custody, but unlike custody, most Friend of the Courts have what is termed “standard terms” when the parties cannot agree.  It includes weekend, birthdays, holidays and vacation times.  Mr. Lovejoy understands that schedules, work, etc. affect a single parent’s time, but he will still encourage you to seek the most time, by agreement or from the court, as possible.  Again, it is often at least in the long run, best for the child and best for you if you are the non-custodial parent.

Mr. Lovejoy is very familiar with the law relating to a court’s considerations regarding parenting time and the best ways to present it to a court and an opposing attorney, Friend of the Court or Mediator.  Mr. Lovejoy, after 33 years, has become a skilled negotiator in this regard and has an excellent record for his clients to prove it.

Like was said about divorce and child custody proceedings, it is extremely important to get parenting time the way you want it as part of the initial proceedings as well.  As such, it is extremely important to have one of the best attorneys to prepare you and represent you to obtain the outcome you want.


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