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Divorces are often very emotional times for people involved because of the personal nature and magnitude of the situation.  It is therefore extremely important to have an attorney you feel comfortable with and who you can trust to provide you with accurate legal advice and guide you through the emotions, so that you make decisions that are best for you and your future.  Mr. Lovejoy is one of those attorneys.

With over 33 years of experience representing clients in divorce proceedings, Mr. Lovejoy knows what a party is going through and of the ins and outs of the law to best work within the system to protect you and to get you the best possible result.  A divorce proceeding may only involve the division of property and debts, but can include child custody, child support and alimony issues as well.  You need the type of extensive experience Mr. Lovejoy possesses to be accurately and honestly informed on the law as it relates to your particular circumstances so that you fully understand and can make informed decisions.

Especially with long term marriages, the emotional aspects for a client, male or female, run high and Mr. Lovejoy will help you understand and keep your perspective to best protect your interests and obtain for you what you should receive and the result you deserve.

Marital Assets

The division of assets and debts of any marriage can have life altering consequences for you and is why it is so important that you fully understand the consequences of all decisions which will need to be made:  your future and well-being depend on it.  As such, it is imperative to have Mr. Lovejoy representing you, who knows the law and the ways to substantially increase your chances of obtaining the result you need.  Marital assets and marital debt and their division by the court or through settlement are critical to a client's future going forward after a divorce.  Many former clients, as well as new clients, are later seeking to amend that portion of their Judgments.  Initially, they have said that they just want to get it over with and don't care what they get.  One must not think of it that way.  Mr. Lovejoy will make sure that your ultimate decision is informed and reasonable so you do not have regrets in the future.

Minor Children

If there is a minor child or children involved, the issues of who should have legal or physical custody and why can be of paramount importance in the initial divorce proceeding.  The same is true as to parenting time.  Both can have a substantial financial and emotional impact upon your life and also upon the life of the minor child.  Mr. Lovejoy has extensive and successful experience involving child custody issues from the initial Friend of the Court meetings through mediation and trial.  He will help reduce your anxiety, help you to think straight and he will always fully prepare you for any and all proceedings well in advance.  Mr. Lovejoy knows how to put his clients in the best possible light in the eyes of the court and opposing attorneys, whatever the circumstances might be.  This is very important in obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients.

Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony as it was referred to in the past, can also be an aspect of divorce which will need to be addressed for longer term marriages.  It is another significant issue which can have long term effects and which must be done correctly the first time around or it can be barred forever.

The law and the courts have caused divorce proceedings, as well as the child custody and parenting time proceedings, to become extremely complicated.  Mr. Lovejoy will guide you through each stage, providing you honest and straight forward advice so that you will at all times understand what is going on.  All of your questions will be timely, honestly and accurately answered.  You will find Mr. Lovejoy very easy to work with as he is always respectful and understanding.  When you see him in court and you have your final agreement or decision from the court, you will appreciate and be extremely pleased about why you chose him to represent you, instead of someone else, for such an important aspect in your life.


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