Child Custody


Get It Right The First Time

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Like divorce proceedings, it is extremely important to get the custody arrangement you want during the initial proceeding.  Like with a divorce, it is difficult to get a court to make changes and modify its final orders.

Whether it is legal custody (issues involving major decisions for a child) or physical custody (who the child will reside with), it is imperative for you to fully know and understand the consequences.  There are personal, emotional and financial consequences which can affect your life and the life of your child for many years.  Mr. Lovejoy with his 33 plus years of experience, knows what is required by the law and courts as well as the best ways to present it to obtain the result you desire and need.

Be Fully Informed

In such proceedings, you have to balance what you believe is best for the child and what is best for you.  Decisions on child custody will lead to consequences relating to child support payments, parenting time, the ability to move to a different city or state, change of schools and a number of other life altering issues.  It is imperative that you are fully informed so that you fully understand all which applies to your situation.  Mr. Lovejoy will make sure that you are so informed, before any court proceeding or before you agree upon any terms relating to custody and parenting time.  Again, it is imperative to get these issues the way you want them the first time around because of the difficulty in seeking to have them modified in the future.  Mr. Lovejoy will make sure that you do so.

Be Prepared

He will prepare you in advance and guide you through all of the Friend of the Court, Referee and all other court proceedings so that the best outcome can be obtained for your situation.  Mr. Lovejoy knows and fully understands what the court and Friend of the Court people find important, and he has the ability and skills to best present and argue that information to obtain the best possible and desired result for his clients.

You need to put yourself in the best position to obtain the best result, and Fred Lovejoy has the proven skills to get this done for you.


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