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"Family Law" includes divorce, custody, parenting time and child support issues and proceedings, as well as crimes committed by those 16 and under, and guardianship and conservatorship matters. These types of problems are emotional and personal and can have long term, financial and other affects upon your life and those you love.  Mr. Lovejoy has been a husband and father for over 30 years and very much understands the emotional and personal issues which can exist for his clients in such matters.  More importantly, he understands the importance of best representing each client in divorce and custody matters the first time around.  The consequences of not getting it right the first time can be devastating and is why you need one of the best attorneys representing you.

It is important to have an attorney who you can talk with openly and completely trust. It is important to have a very experienced attorney to guide you through the complicated process of this area of the law and represent you effectively within the legal system every step of the way that includes before the Friend of the Court, the Court, and opposing attorneys. The results of deficient or improper legal representation, at any stage, can last a lifetime and affect not only you, but your financial welfare and children as well.

As an attorney and member of the Family Law Section, Mr. Lovejoy has kept updated on the many changes in the law and procedures. He regularly attends seminars and meetings each year with some of the people who make the decisions on the issues of property divisions, custody, parenting time and alimony. Being up to date on the law, maintaining important relationships and knowing the procedures and processes is more important today than ever before. You will have those benefits and advantages with Mr. Lovejoy as your attorney.

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Whether you are a man or a woman, Mr. Lovejoy will carefully and accurately review you situation and explain to you the law, your rights under the law and your options. He is an excellent negotiator and excellent litigator. As Mr. Lovejoy has for so many clients, he will do all that is necessary and advise you what is best to do in order to obtain the result you need and want:  the best result for your situation.

Custody of your children is an extremely important issue. Having sole or primary physical custody can have significant financial long term and other personal consequences. The same is true with the legal custody of achild and with parenting time issues. You want and need the more experienced attorney who better knows the law, the system and how they all work together. Mr. Lovejoy is that attorney.

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Again, the decisions you make during these types of proceedings are truly important for your future and the future of your loved ones; financially and otherwise.  Again, it is important to get it right the first time.  Often, one must be able to put the "emotions" on a back burner.  Mr. Lovejoy will guide you on this as well. You need to be properly informed, represented, know your options and know all of the possible consequences:  present and future!  You can trust Mr. Lovejoy to tell you the truth, fight to protect you and always represent you and your very best interests.

If you are thinking of filing for divorce, have been sued for divorce, want a change in custody or parenting time or need protection for a loved one, please call and schedule an appointment or feel free to talk with Mr. Lovejoy over the phone. The initial consultation is always free.


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