Other Misdemeanor


There are many other misdemeanor charges which also Mr. Lovejoy has to date been extremely successful in representing his clients and keeping his clients out of jail and in many cases having those charges dismissed, to include retail fraud, operating on a suspended/revoked driver’s license, assault and battery, resisting and obstructing, domestic assault and probation violations.

Means Through Negotiation

Even if the law does not necessarily provide a viable legal defense to a particular criminal charge or violation, that does not mean you need or should ever plead guilty to the charge.  There are means through negotiation and the use of what laws do exist, to minimize the effects of the charged offense or eliminate the charge altogether.  It is important that you be placed in the best position to obtain the best possible result, and that starts with a free consultation with Mr. Lovejoy.  A criminal record puts you a step behind the man or woman who does not have one, so consider that and consider what we can do to help keep your record clean.

Best Possible Outcome

Mr. Lovejoy will provide you with honest and accurate information and legal advice so as to assure you of the best legal representation.  There are legal means to avoid the consequences of a crime, and you should allow Mr. Lovejoy to explain the ins and outs of those options to you.  As with all criminal matters, in the event Mr. Lovejoy feels that another attorney he knows could provide you with the better legal representation for your particular case, he will not hesitate to put you in contact with that attorney.  Again, Mr. Lovejoy wants and seeks only the best possible outcome for his clients and people who come to him for help.

If there is a way to avoid the criminal charge or a  conviction, Mr. Lovejoy is extremely qualified and skilled and he will find the best possible option and way to minimize it, and obtain for you the best possible result for your situation.


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