License Restoration Proceedings


Get Your Driving Priveleges Restored

Drunk and Drug driving can result in the revocation of one’s driving privileges.  Under the current laws, the court and Secretary of State can go back and include all previous convictions since being licensed to drive and revoke your driving privileges.  In part, this is one of the reasons you should always fight any OWI or OUID charge if at all possible and you should always hire one of the best attorneys to fight for you.

Fully Prepared

Restoration proceedings are very detailed in their requirements, each which must be strictly adhered to and the client fully prepared well in advance of the hearing.  It is an administrative hearing not a court proceeding.  Failure to succeed, at least in part, denies you the opportunity to apply again for a year.  Therefore, it is extremely imperative that you have an attorney such as Mr. Lovejoy, who is very familiar with all of the requirements, written and otherwise, to succeed the first time.  If you have been denied already, please contact Mr. Lovejoy well in advance of the time you are eligible to re-apply for another hearing.  There are additional items which need to be obtained to have the best chance for the best result.  In both cases, preparation of the documents and of the client is critical to success and Mr. Lovejoy excels in doing both for his clients and his record proves it.  In 33 years, he has only once not been able to obtain restoration of driving privileges for a client the first time.

If you need your license back so you can drive again, contact Fred Lovejoy.  If you get an operating on a suspended driver’s license charge in the meantime or any other driving offense for that matter, call Mr. Lovejoy for legal representation immediately:  traffic offenses, even civil infractions can extend periods of revocation.

To put yourself in the best possible position, seek legal representation for restoration as soon after your probation ends as possible.

Implied Consent Violation

Somewhat related are implied consent violations, where a client refuses testing by police on an arrest for drunk or drug driving.  Do not ignore this violation because if you do, despite Mr. Lovejoy being able to get the drunk driving charge dismissed, you will still lose your driving privileges for one year.  Mr. Lovejoy has had a lot of success in winning such cases and putting the police in such a position, that they have agreed to withdraw the violation.  If you refused a required chemical test of a police officer, be sure to check your paperwork carefully.  There is only a limited time period to fight it.  Mr. Lovejoy possesses the experience and skills necessary to protect your rights and win.


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