Drug Related Crimes



Such crimes include possession, delivery, violations of the medical marijuana laws and drug driving, the latter often referenced to as OUID.  As to the latter, there is now a lesser charge of impaired driving.  In Michigan, the current law is that any amount of a controlled substance in your system, including marijuana which is now legal in Michigan, is still operating under the influence of a controlled substance. Still, there exists ways to avoid the conviction and Mr. Lovejoy is aware of them all.

Because of the affects which a controlled substance conviction can have on your life, it is imperative to have an experienced attorney who knows the law with the ins, the outs and how to use the law to his clients’ best advantage.  Mr. Lovejoy has over 33 years of experience as a litigation attorney and does know how to use the law and the defenses which exist to best represent his clients.  He possesses excellent and unique negotiation skills which have resulted in substantially reduced charges, dismissals and minimal probation requirements.

Better Results

You can rely upon Mr. Lovejoy using his knowledge and expertise in this area of the law as well as his creativity to obtain for you the best possible result, and this is true not just for driving offenses, but possession charges as well.  Unlike with alcohol related crimes, there exists certain statutes which can be used to obtain dismissals or only probation upon a conviction.  There exists better opportunities in this area of the law to raise constitutional and entrapment issues and provide Mr. Lovejoy with ability to obtain excellent results to include dismissals.

Drug related crimes can affect driving privileges, employment opportunities, student loans, child custody issues and also your liberty and freedom if put behind bars.  You want and need to have the experienced and skilled attorney who will use all available means possible to put you in the best position for the best results.  You need Fred Lovejoy.  He has over 33 years of experience with such cases,  many of them where his clients were thought to have been “caught red-handed”; not one of them went to jail and in many such cases the charges were eventually dismissed.

Review other sections of this website.  Mr. Lovejoy not only possesses the intelligence and experience in such cases, he is always devoted to and compassionate about best representing each and every one of his clients to obtain the very best possible result in every case he takes.


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