Alcohol Related Crimes



While there are many alcohol related crimes, the most compelling and ones Lovejoy Law Offices, P.C. has excelled, is that of drunk driving or as often referred to as OWI or DUI.  It is imperative that you obtain one of the best possible attorneys to represent you in such cases and that is true even if it is a first time offense.  Young or old, if there is a way to avoid such a conviction, you must try to do so and Mr. Lovejoy will know if you can.

Better Plan – Better Outcome

Mr. Lovejoy has over 33 years of experience successfully representing his clients in such cases and getting results which sometimes even surprises him.  He has developed a specific plan which places his clients in the best possible position before even meeting with a prosecuting attorney.  The results have led to substantially reduced charges, dismissals and more lenient sentencing requirements.  If a dismissal is possible, whether you are guilty or not, Mr. Lovejoy will find it.

More Experience – Better Knowledge

Over the last years, the police and laws in Michigan have changed to make it as difficult as possible to avoid the arrest, the charges and the consequences imposed by the courts for drunk driving related offenses.  Despite the law, there still does exist constitutional, scientific and common sense solutions to provide those arrested with the ability to beat or minimize the charge, by putting enough holes in a case to achieve excellent results:  much better than you might think exist.

Contact Mr. Lovejoy, as he knows how the prosecutors and courts will view the circumstances of your situation and he will fully explain to you the possible strategies and outcomes.  If you are not sure about what you are told by Mr. Lovejoy, he will tell you to contact another attorney for a second opinion because Mr. Lovejoy is confident that you will indeed return to have him represent you.  His record of substantially reduced charges, dismissals and wins, provides you with the same chances of success.  Experience and knowledge of how to use the law, along with a little creativity, will put you in the best possible position for the very best result.

Other Alcohol Crimes

Other alcohol related crimes and infractions include MIP (minor in possession) presenting a false ID, drunk and disorderly, open intoxicants in a vehicle or in public, driving on a suspended license (DWLS) and disorderly conduct, all which are criminal misdemeanor offenses and all which can go on your record and affect your future.  Through plea agreements, motions or trial, Mr. Lovejoy’s experience will put you in the best position to beat or minimize the charge and to best protect you and your interests.

Again, there are many options available within the criminal justice system which can be creatively and successfully used to avoid the consequences of ones actions, as well in some instances a criminal conviction altogether, which can follow you for a lifetime.  There are constitutional and scientifically based defenses which can be used to create doubt and holes in many criminal cases, so as to obtain substantially better results through motions, trial and plea agreements.  Experience, knowledge of the law and people in the system matters a lot, and Mr. Lovejoy uses all three to his clients’ very best advantage in every case.


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