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Criminal Law



A criminal charge and criminal conviction can affect a person's entire life.  Mr. Lovejoy realizes and appreciates the importance associated with obtaining the best possible result for a client involved in a criminal matter. You can always trust that he will use his 32 years of experience, his knowledge of the law and the relationships he has maintained to do just that for you. Mr. Lovejoy is very good at finding and creating "reasonable doubt", and if there exists a loophole, technicality or constitutional issue, he will find it and always use it to his clients' best advantage.

The emphasis of our criminal practice is that of dealing with alcohol and drug offenses, and related implied consent violations, driver license restorations and traffic citations.  Mr. Lovejoy has obtained superior results for his clients charged with drunk and drug driving, driving on suspended licenses, MIP, open intoxicants and drug possession charges. He has only lost one driver restoration case. Mr. Lovejoy has also had great success for clients in cases involving retail fraud, gun possession charges, assaults and breaking and entering cases.




A criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life and affect education, employment and other personal aspects of your life. If there is any way to avoid it, that is the path which Mr. Lovejoy will devote all his efforts to obtain. He will work for you as if you were a family member.  As a result, you can rely upon receiving honest and the most accurate legal advice, as well as Mr. Lovejoy using all available means to put you in the very best position to obtain the very best result.

My Lovejoy’s representation of people in criminal defense matters has included many students (high school and college), licensed professionals, young professionals and hard-working and respectable moms and dads from many walks of life. Regardless of the charged offense, he will always expend the extra effort, expertise and use all available means to obtain the very best possible outcome for his clients.

While the majority of Mr. Lovejoy’s cases have been in the Lansing area (Ingham, Clinton and Eaton Counties), he has also been called upon to represent a number of clients, their children or employees living in Mt. Pleasant, Jackson, Battle Creek, Flint, the Detroit area, and even in Cheboygan, Michigan. When the best result matters, you need one of the best attorneys to represent you.




It is important to know and understand all of your options and all of the possible consequences. Mr. Lovejoy will always give you honest and accurate advice, and will never recommend anything to you that he would not recommend for one of his own children. Mr. Lovejoy possesses superior criminal litigation and negotiation skills which allows him to put his clients in the best possible position for the best possible results.  He has been involved in many complex criminal defense cases to which not one of those clients spent a day in jail and in the others, the cases were totally dismissed.  Again, the better attorney, the better result.

If you, a family member or friend have made a mistake or been arrested or done something unlawful, call Mr. Lovejoy immediately and find out what he can do to best protect you and solve that problem. There are many options available within the criminal justice system and many which you might not expect would even apply to your situation. Call and learn what options might apply to you and your situation.  Obtain the legal representation which you need to best protect you, your interests and your future.


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