Contract & Tort Litigation


Since Mr. Lovejoy first started practicing law in 1986, he has been involved in representing many companies, large and small, in court battles with great success. Being on both sides of the cases for so many clients has provided Mr. Lovejoy valuable insight and experience to best represent his clients and their needs.

The Very Best Results

He has been involved in many very complex and substantial court litigation cases, as well as smaller ones.  The one consistency as to all of them has been Mr. Lovejoy obtaining the very best result for each of his clients.  Mr. Lovejoy possesses extremely skilled litigation and negotiation abilities which have resulted in lots of money for his clients as well as defending claims.

The term “litigation” to Mr. Lovejoy includes the time before and the time during the pendency of a case. In some situations, he has found that with the proper preparation and negotiation, the “before” can either prevent a lawsuit from being filed or result in the expedited settlement of a lawsuit before a claim is filed, both which can save a client substantial anxiety and money and be extremely beneficial to his clients' interests.

Unique Skills

Mr. Lovejoy has developed superior and some say unique skills to deal with the judges, opposing counsel and prosecuting attorneys. Those skills have led to excellent results for all of his business clients, whether through a mediation, settlement or trial. Those same skills have resulted in superior results in criminal, family law cases and personal injury matters as well.

Proper preparation, supererior knowledge of law and procedures and the ability to effectively present clients’ claims or defenses are that which Mr. Lovejoy excels.  Combining those abilities with some creativity and experienced negotiation skills, have made Mr. Lovejoy into the attorney you want representing you. He is respected by judges and opposing attorneys for his abilities, whether in court, mediation proceedings or settlement conferences. He obtains excellent results.

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Keeping Up With The Latest Changes

Mr. Lovejoy stays updated on the different areas of law and court rules and also has participated in many classes and conferences to remain at the top of his skill level. He is competitive and will never consider losing as an option.  His representations of clients have included suing and defending complex breach of contract, tort, sales, confidentiality, construction, severance, land contract, lease and purchase agreements.  It has included enforcing and defending such claims before the courts, in mediations and arbritrations, with all resulting in protecting and getting the best results on behalf of his clients.  Mr. Lovejoy, becasue of the time he has committed to learning and knowing the law, has obtained those needed and very successful results in cases of employment discharges, defamation, intentional interference with business relationships, fraud, misrepresentation cases as well as civil rights claims.

Fully Informed And Honest Advice

After 33 years as a practicing attorney, Mr. Lovejoy knows what needs to be done and how best to present it to obtain the very best result for his clients. At all times, you will be kept fully informed of all aspects of your case to assure that you are able at any time to make all necessary informed decisions. There are certain tricks of the trade to successfully litigate and Mr. Lovejoy knows most, if not all of them, and he never hesitates to use them to his clients’ best advantage.  He will remain passionate and persistent in his representation of you and your business until you are satisfied with the outcome and final result you desire.

If you have a claim which you want to pursue against another person or company, or think you do, or if you need to defend such a claim, contact Mr. Lovejoy as soon as possible and he will tell you like it is with honest and accurate advice of the law and what you can expect. You will want Mr. Lovejoy on your side and not on the other.  His goal is to win for his clients, and that means the best possible result for you.


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