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Contract & Lease Agreements


Mr. Lovejoy has been involved in the closing of a number of multi-million purchase and sale transactions dealing with big blue blood law firms, in which he negotiated the deals and either drafted or did partial re-writes of the agreements to protect his clients and get them the most possible. The same has been true in regards to restaurant and bar, party store, gravel pit and agriculture companies, pizza, carpet cleaning, cosmetic and printing franchise and national burger companies.

He has done asset and stock purchase agreements which can be tailored and made to fit the needs of his clients. Depending on which side he is representing, Mr. Lovejoy will always put in the best provisions to protect his clients and secure the goal their goals.

Sincerely, he has the negotiation skills and experience to help with commercial and residential leases, and those for personal property, equipment and leases.

Drafting the agreements while important, it is the negotiating what terms will go in them in the end is what is key and what delights his clients. Mr. Lovejoy has the experience and skills you need and will want whether a million dollar transaction or smaller contract agreement and all those in between.

It is important to make sure the agreement whatever it is, is in the proper form and with the actual terms included that best protect his clients and best provides them what it is they seek. Mr. Lovejoy will make sure that all terms and provisions and all possible consequences of such terms are fully explained and understood before his clients will be permitted to sign them.

For the best results, hire the best attorney for the job. Once you sign the contract you will begin living with its consequences. Mr. Lovejoy will provide you the honest and accurate advice and counsel to be sure your agreement and your transaction is what you want.