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Business Law


Since 1986, Mr. Lovejoy has been involved in representing businesses, small and large, in many complex contract and business related litigation cases, purchase/sale transactions, employment and discrimination cases, bank finance, mortgage and commercial lease litigation matters, as well as contested estate matters to have a will or a trust set aside or upheld.


Clients have included heavy equipment movers, and related repair and replacement companies, construction and large scale commercial landlords, waste and recycling companies, restaurants, bars,  party and grocery stores and a brewery,  as well as pizza, carpet cleaning, printing and restaurant franchises. The types of claims and cases have varied over the years, yet Mr. Lovejoy has a proven record of obtaining excellent results for each and every one of his clients. The only ones that are no longer using his legal services are those who have sold, whose owners have passed away or those who no longer are experiencing unresolvable legal issues at their businesses.


Mr. Lovejoy always has and still today enjoys the victories associated with winning the big cases whether for the company or against the company. Over the years, and with the increased knowledge of the law, experience and often necessary demand to be creative with the laws, Mr. Lovejoy has developed excellent litigation skills and extraordinary negotiation abilities.


These skills and abilities have led to exceptional results for his clients, both before the courts and in mediation and with settlement agreements. Having represented the companies as well as individuals against companies, and being both the one suing and defending claims for his clients, it has provided invaluable experience and insights to Mr. Lovejoy to be able to exploit the weakness of each case and matter and succeed for his clients.  Mr. Lovejoy has had very few, if any, clients which have not been totally satisfied with the result obtained.


Satisfied clients is true for those clients who have come to Mr. Lovejoy for legal advice and representation on new business issues related to corporate and limited liability setups and related documents, employee and separation or severance agreements, real and personal property lease agreements, sales contracts and most significant, purchase and sale agreements of companies and liquor license establishments. All clients will receive accurate and complete advice and documentation to better serve their businesses, and agreements drafted and set up to best protect them and their business.


The negotiation skills obtained through his many years of litigating cases as referenced above, has been of great value to Mr. Lovejoy’s clients in the negotiations for terms to asset and stock purchase agreements, severance agreements and commercial lease agreements. The same is true in regard to franchise agreements, which many attorneys will say are “nonnegotiable”. If an agreement needs to be made, Mr. Lovejoy says “any term is negotiable” and to date, he has found this to be true.


In all business transactions and business litigation matters, it is imperative that you know the legalities, your rights, your options and know the best ways to protect your interests and your money. It is also important that you hire the attorney with the necessary experience, skills and expertise to provide you the information which you need to know as a business owner and to use that information as to best represent you and obtain the results you need. Mr. Lovejoy is one of those attorneys who can and will do this for you, and he has the skills and the record to prove it.


Compare other law firms and lawyers, and you will conclude that you can save money and obtain the information and better results you want by hiring Lovejoy Law Offices, PC.  Even if it is just to review contracts and agreements before you sign them or to fend off a potential legal claim, that could result in a lawsuit. If you have been threatened with a lawsuit or want to file one, call and get your immediate questions answered. Always a free initial consultation and one that could save you thousands of dollars.


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