Estate Litigation


Absent fraud, coercion or overreaching, by usually a family member, a person's Will or Trust will be upheld and enforced by a court. The idea and the law is that the one's intent, as set forth in a Will or a Trust, should be upheld as it was that person's intent, as is evidenced in a signed, dated and witnessed writing.

Still, when one dies and there is money and assets at stake, and circumstances which exist that question if one's intent was influenced by another in the preparation of a Will or Trust, there is specific law which allows one to challenge its validity and estate litigation that comes into play. "Estate litigation" involves that of one either challenging the enforceability of a Will or Trust or certain provisions within it, or defending and seeking to enforce those terms and provisions to such a challenge. And it is not always a family member which causes a dispute. Mr. Lovejoy has experienced a number of situations where it was a neighbor, a friend, or a charity which has created the controversy. When such a claim attacks the validity of an estate document, a lawsuit within the probate of the estate then often becomes necessary to resolve the dispute. However, in Mr. Lovejoy's experience, many are resolved through negotiations and discussions. Depending on the financial amount at stake, Mr. Lovejoy has been very successful in resolving such matters before an acutal court proceeding is filed. Obvioulsy, such a resolution can save his clients substantial expenses.

However, there are often times that court proceedings are necessary and the only way to resolve such a dispute. Having represented clients on both sides of the disputes, Mr. Lovejoy has developed a certain expertise, allowing him to be successful for his clients. Mr. Lovejoy has a record of successfully challenging and defending in such circumstances. His success is derived from his knowledge of the law in this regard, and through his 33 years of developed litigation skills which he possesses. Mr. Lovejoy is well aware of exactly what evidence must be obtained, presented and argued to succeed for his clients, and he has used that knowledge and those skills to best represent each and every one of his clients. Whether through court order or compromise, Mr. Lovejoy will obtain for his clients the best possible result for their situation.

If you are questioning the validity of a Will or Trust or provisions within them, or need to have them enforced, contact Mr. Lovejoy and be provided honest and accurate legal advice, informed information of your options for the circumstances of your legal issue and put yourself in the best possible position to win. Mr. Lovejoy is an attorney you can trust for honest and accurate legal advice and some of the best legal representation before the courts to achieve the results you desire.

Consider getting your affairs in order in the event of your passing. It provides peace of mind, reduces problems for and between family members upon your passing and can save thousands of dollars of your estate assets after you are gone. If there exists facts and circumstances which question the validity of the execution of any probate documents, hire the attorney, Mr. Lovejoy, who possesses over 33 years of successful litigation experience and knowledge of the law to best represent you.

For such important issues, you need and want one of the best attorneys to advise you, guide you and represent you in this area of te law, and do so at an affordable cost. Call Mr. Lovejoy and find out your options and what is available in the law to best protect your interests.


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