Estate Documents


There are so many people who simply put off meeting with an attorney to have estate documents prepared because it requires thinking about death. It is understandable, but it is something that should really be thought about whether young or old, married or single, or persons with or without children.

Planning ahead for that "unthinkable", actually once done will provide a sense of peace of mind. The basic estate documents needed for the vast majority of people are a Last Will and Testament which sets forth one's intent of how debts are to be paid and how their assets are to be distributed: to who and in what percentage. A Power of Attorney allows another to help manage a person's affairs if while living, when one becomes incapable because of a physical or mental infirmity. The third is what is called a Durable Medical Power of Attorney. This document provides for one's intent and wishes in the event one is unable to make certain medical decisions, to include whether to be continued on life support. All of these provide for an orderly method reflecting one's wishes and will be in all but rare situations upheld and enforced.

Lovejoy Law Offices prepares these documents for its clients at a very reasonable price because it recognizes the significant importance of having them in place, and of the fact that people would rather put off thinking about or acting on this "unthinkable" thought of one's passing. Contrary to what many are told, the process of probating an estate is not an expensive endeavor. In fact in the long run, it is less expensive if you have these estate documents in place and it makes it much easier for your family upon your passing as well. It also is not accurate that by having a Will and it being probated by the courts, that you are "airing your assets out in public". A person's Will does not have to be filed with any court and it can be changed and revised at any time during one's lifetime so long as that person is still mentally competent.

If you are one of the few people who really need a Trust or simply want one to provide for long term future transfers to deal with your affairs upon your death, Mr. Lovejoy knows and will refer you to a choice of three very qualified and experienced attorneys to take care of that need or desire for you and who specialze in just Trusts.

In short, you should have these documents in place and it is best to hire an experienced attorney to process them through the court and again in most cases is not expensive: it is not at Lovejoy Law Offices. Mr. Lovejoy has over 33 years experience in drafting estate documents, helping people make their decisions and having their estate documents processed and approved by the courts. It is important to have an experienced attorney and one with such knowledge of the law and procedures as Mr. Lovejoy is, to be assured all is done correctly and according to what the client wants and at as little cost as possible. Lovejoy Law Offices provides exactly this service to its clients.

So whether you are young, old, married or single, call Mr. Lovejoy and discuss these issues with him. You will feel comfortable knowing that he will provide you the information you need to know to guide you with these important decisions, and have the process fully and accurately explained, and then prepare your documents at a very reasonable and affordable cost. In the end, you will have that piece of mind and know that your affairs and family will be taken care of as you wanted upon your death. Don't let the courts decide how to handle your estate. Have it done professionally and the way you want it done.


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