Civil Law Disputes


Get It Right The First Time

Over the years, Mr. Lovejoy’s business clients as well as prior divorce, personal injury, estate and criminal clients have contacted him for legal advice and help for claims they wish to pursue, or to defend claims brought against them. The same is true of many parents of the children, as well as the children themselves, Mr. Lovejoy coached in youth sports in the past.

Such calls have related to reviewing lease, real estate and other agreements, getting out of or terminating a lease or real estate agreement, starting a new business, lemon law claims related to motor vehicles, defending property line or zoning disputes by a township or city, a party not paying on a land contract or purchase agreement and for estate documents. Others have involved creating, enforcing or terminating easements relating to their business or lakefront properties, as well as for injuries suffered in automobile accidents and violations of the Motor Vehicle Repair Act.

 Settlement or Lawsuit?

Many of these problems can be resolved with a letter and by follow-up discussions and negotiations. Others may require filing a lawsuit to pursue or defend a claim. Mr. Lovejoy’s experience of over 33 years with the many different areas of law, and his easy access to the law as it exists today, allows him to educate and update himself, if necessary, and provide the legal services and then the results these people all want and need.

As he does for all clients in his primary areas of practice, Mr. Lovejoy seeks to and provides cost effective resolutions for these clients as well as providing needed information and legal advice to protect them to avoid such legal disputes and problems in the future. A phone call or meeting for a few hundred dollars when the problem arises, can often save thousands of dollars and hours of anxiety and stress in the future. Mr. Lovejoy will provide the necessary information and options which exist so that each client is in the position to make an informed decision of what is best to do.

So often, people try to resolve such issues on their own, or hire a less experienced and less skilled attorney to save money. In the end, it results in costing substantially more. Mr. Lovejoy, unlike many attorneys, will work hard, but effectively to obtain for his clients the outcomes or protections they need in as timely a manner as possible, so that the result is achieved at the least cost to the client.


We Need Your Referrals

Lovejoy Law Offices has and still does rely upon “word of mouth” referrals from its clients for new business. This is true for his business, family law and criminal clients, as well as for all of the other areas of law to which he helps and provides his legal advice and representation. People want an attorney who is honest with them, that will provide superior legal advice and representation and get them the results they need or want, and do so at a reasonable cost. Since 1998, when he opened Lovejoy Law Offices, Mr. Lovejoy has prided himself on doing just that for all of his clients, and to date it has worked out great for both Mr. Lovejoy and his clients.

If you have a civil issue, dispute or criminal matter that needs immediate legal attention, contact Lovejoy Law Offices and talk with Mr. Lovejoy. In 9 out of 10 instances, he will be able to provide you the legal help you need to succeed and obtain the very best result for your situation.


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