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Better results and better representation

I have been successfully representing businesses, both for litigation cases before the courts and by advising them on issues involving having the right corporate set up, the right contracts and agreements and the requirements of properly maintaining records.

I also have represented many individuals before the courts for their claims against big and small companies related to employment, severance pay and breach of contract matters. I have a long and established track record of successfully obtaining excellent results for my clients for over the last 30 years.

Types of legal representation

The nature of the cases for my clients have included employment discharge, to include ADA, whistleblower, family medical leave and discrimination cases, breach of contract, business interference and disparagement claims, defamation, bank finance and mortgage default matters, as well as some complex construction and commercial lease matters.

The business portion of the practice includes, corporate and limited liability company setups and related documentation, purchase/sale agreements, commercial and residential lease agreements, employment and sales contracts, severance agreements and stock and asset purchase agreements.

Experienced and skilled

Over my 30 years as an attorney, I have come to possess skilled and, some might say, unique negotiation and litigation abilities which result in better outcomes and results for my clients. Whether before a court on a motion or trial or through a negotiated settlement, I have had very few clients not completely satisfied with the result.

Having represented individuals against companies and companies against companies, and having been a plaintiff’s attorney and defendant’s attorney for so many years and types of cases, I have the knowledge and expertise to best proceed on your behalf to obtain the better result for your legal situation.

Choose the right attorney

Whether you are the one suing or the one being sued, it is extremely important to have the attorney who is not afraid to use all of the available means and who has the necessary experience and expertise to represent your interests to get you the very best possible outcome for your case. Likewise, if you are contemplating entering into a contract (a buy/sell, lease, construction service, purchase, sale or any other contract), spend the money upfront to have it reviewed, negotiated and revised by an experienced attorney before you sign it. It will save you a lot of money and a lot of legal problems in the long run.

Know your legal rights, know your options and know how to best protect your interests and your money. Thirty years of experience by an attorney with an excellent track record for results is the attorney you want to consult with and who you want representing you and your business. See Testimonials


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One of the best and most trusted attorneys in Michigan

Fred, in my opinion, is one of the best and most trusted attorneys in Michigan. He has been taking care of all of my legal work for my businesses, my friends, employees and family members in Michigan for close to 25 years.

His skills include drafting contracts, setting up businesses, providing sound legal advice to avoid lawsuits, and in dealing with opposing attorneys, jurys and judges he is outstanding. Fred will get you the result.

Ed Reid, Reid Machinery, Inc.

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