Fred C. Lovejoy

Fred C. Lovejoy graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1986, cum laude - and in the top 6 percent of his class. His undergraduate degree was obtained in Political Science/Pre-Law from the University of New Hampshire in 1978. Mr. Lovejoy is licensed as an attorney in Michigan and New Hampshire and is authorized to practice law in all of the State and Federal Courts within the State of Michigan. He is or has been a member of the Criminal, Family Law and Civil Litigation sections of the bar. 

Mr. Lovejoy developed and possesses effective and succesful litigation skills before the courts, and superior negotiation skills with prosecutors and opposing attorneys.  He is passionate and persistent about obtaining the best possible results for his clients, as well as keeping up to date on the different areas of law to be able to provide honest, accurate and reliable legal advice to his clients.

Mr. Lovejoy’s father was an attorney and Judge in New Hampshire, and as such he learned early the importance for a person to have a trusted and experienced attorney to deal with the legal system for you and the many legal issues which exist. Mr. Lovejoy prides himself on the importance of not only knowing the law as written, but also of knowing how best to use the law for his clients.  The same is true of the importance of maintaining those relationships with the many people involved in the legal system to best serve his clients' best interests.

Experienced Attorney

Mr. Lovejoy has dedicated 33 years of his life as a lawyer trying to be one of the best attorneys and one where a client can obtain the best possible result for their legal problem at a more reasonable cost. The legal system can be complicated and intimidating for those who are not regularly involved in it, no matter what their profession, age or gender, and no matter the nature of the client’s legal situation. Mr. Lovejoy will reduce that anxiety for his clients, and he can, and always will use his intelligence, experience and skills to best protect his clients’ interests and obtain for them the very best possible result in any civil or criminal matter that he takes on.  His track record over the last 33 years confirms his abilities to succeed and provide the best representation to protect his clients' best interests.

Passionate For His Clients’ Interests

He takes each case and legal matter presented to him personal, to be sure that every client is fully informed, knows their options and is placed in the best possible position to win and be successful for their legal situation. You can trust him to do everything possible to get you the very best result.

Mr. Lovejoy has been married for 32 years, has 3 children and a great dog. He loves sports and his competitive nature, education and job experiences prior to becoming a lawyer has created a well rounded and creative attorney, and a person who is easy to speak with, passionate for his clients’ interests and who works only to win.  You will enjoy working with Mr. Lovejoy and be happy that he is the attorney representing you and your interests.

If you have a legal issue that is important to you, call or schedule a meeting with Mr. Lovejoy and you will know that he is the attorney which you want representing you, your family, your business and your legal interests.


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